Hi pals! I’m Amy, but I’ll be really mad if you don’t call me Lamey.

I believe in being lame, which is not such a bad thing. I believe in adventuring into the craziness of the world, taking action to save our pretty planet, and avoiding anything lukewarm. I also believe in oxford commas.

So! There will be 4 major areas I’ll focus around – Exploring, Sustaining, Listening, and Being Lame. They are the 4 areas that I feel deep down IN MY SOUL need to be expressed. As we go (we’re in this together now), each area will expand and explain itself. I have a plan, I swear. I want to share my thoughts about… stuff. I want to explain why my music means so much to me. I want to share my photographs of salt packets! So if you’re interested, I hope you follow along.


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